May 21, 2020 Medical

Facts About Coronavirus in the US

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the world’s economies, causing world wide bankruptcies, starvation, depressions, suicides and many other things but the biggest and most hard hit is the United States in both the numbers of infections and cases. So, the US will be the focus on these discussions.

USA Coronavirus

1. The United States as of today, has over 1.58 million confirmed cases, over 93,000 dead and over 300,000 people who have successfully recovered.

2. The State of New York has the most cases in the US with over 355,000 cases and over 20,000 cases… the most by far.

3. Over 60% people say they will not take public transportation if there disease is present in their communities.

4. The US has over 7000 imported cases of COVID-19 related to travel.

5. Speaking of travel, over 55 billion dollars and counting has been thanks to Covid. The travel and tourism industries are the among the hardest hit.

6. People over he age of 65 are the ones who take this disease seriously and rightfully so because they are the most vulnerable population.

7. It is estimated that over 84% of the US adult population has gone into self isolation.

8. The US’s economy so far as shrinked by over 3%.

9. Over 27 million people have lost their jobs – a staggering number, comparable to the great depression.

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