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My Skinny Girl Diet Story

Lisa here and welcome to my skinny girl diet tips article here on buzzarticles.net! I remember clearly as if it was yesterday, of how I could not stand to look myself in the mirror anymore… there was a gab of time where I was not taking any pictures of myself, I was hiding from the camera, and did not want to be in pictures at all!

Last year when I was out for New Year’s Eve, I was in pictures with a bunch of people. Those pictures got uploaded to Facebook, and I was looking at them… and to be brutally honest, I was flat out disgusted with myself. Then I said to myself; “this has to change…”, then from that moment on, the rest was history, which leads us to today, and why I decided to share my story.

In January I went out and bought a scale… I had not weight myself in ages, and when I weighted myself, my fears were confirmed. I was not fat as I mentioned in the about me page, but I had didn’t like what I saw.

A Bit About My Personality:

I am lazy, really lazy… you will not find a more lazy person than me, especially when it comes to losing weight and doing any kind of physical activity. I lost 15 pounds in total, I don’t know exactly what percentage my body weight was prior to losing the weight… but I achieved all this without any exercise at all! All I did was change my diet.

But the good thing is that it was not difficult to change my diet, so I was fortunate.

Why I Was Unhappy With Myself:

  • A: I was not a healthy body weight for my height, I am really short… 5.2 to be precise.
  • B: I was not pleased with how I looked at all.

Which is why I was unhappy with the way I looked. 🙁

Before I get into what I did to lose the weight, which is why you are here, I would just like to mention a few things that you need to keep in mind. Remember that this is my story, and what worked for me, so therefore it may not work for you for a variety of reasons, some of them I mentioned above such as my body type and weight. Each person is different.

Before losing the weight, I essentially ate like a pre-schooler. I was way beyond picky as far as food was concerned.

My food groups were: grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, salads, mac and cheese… very, very basic. A typical day of meals for me were: cereal for breakfast, ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, and pasta for dinner. That’s just how I have eaten my whole life.

How I lost 15 Pounds without Exercise:

Everything that changed for me… the biggest tip I can give you. This is the ONE thing that I did all year which enabled me to lose the weight.

If you read above of the things my diet consisted of in the past, it’s clear that I am a “curbaholic”, and love carbs. Everything I ate was on the bases of cheese and carb. What I did was switched over all the white bread carbs in my life to wheat or multigrain fiber type of carb… that’s it! This was pretty much all I did in a nutshell. That is what I attribute my success to.

I did NOTHING else! Simplistic, I know, but it worked! No skinny girl diet pills or any of that stuff. 🙂

More Changes I Made:

I also ate sandwiches daily, changed it to wheat on wheat rolls, my normal pasta? I changed it to wheat pasta. It turns out that I actually liked wheat bread, better than white bread.

Oh and I also cut out the junk food!

This amazed me so much, so I felt compelled to share my story with you… and created this article.

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